Jan 05

The Pillar To Lean On

Wedged in the branches of darkness in his wanton and carefree years,
roaming in dark alleys, dancing in dim ballrooms, driving, sailing and
flying to places for no reason at all.

Like troubled water, living a life of ups and downs and no matter where he
turns there was no solid ground. But he carried on with no wish of
changing life’s course.

Time flies – pages of life turn, tired and feeling small, burnt out and
getting old, but if he so desire to carry on, the only recourse is to
find a pillar to lean on.

For whatever reason, good nature acted for the man in distress is not bad
after all but destined to find the reason to live on.

With his last strength he struggled to free himself out of those branches
of darkness. Convinced to burn it to the ground and reckoned never to

Wiser now and cheerful, that the life he longed for will be lined with
flowers in the garden of memories in the years to come … and, more.

The pillar to lean on that he was looking for were the man with virtues of
patience, honesty and perseverance who does not keep record of wrongs
that the man he admires, was never far but just around.

As he lives on with fortitude, and guided by those virtues, his love and
admiration for the man will live forevermore.