Jan 05

The Cycle of Life

One walks upon the ground,
rocks and pebbles roll and tumble stops to fill a hole.

One digs upon the earth,
disturbs the worms and bugs and everything around.

One climbs atop a tree,
leaves and branches drop and fall to fill a ditch.

One swims upon a lake,
water ripples making eddies around, calmness unsettled.

One flies upon the air,
birds and insects scramble, interfere with their freedom to choose.

One dies ,
rocks and pebbles, worms and bugs, leaves and branches,
dead lilies blown by the wind, dead birds and insects,
cover and consume man upon his grave.

This is not nature’s revenge upon man,
it is helping nature to take place.


  1. Kari M. Knutsen

    WOW! A very beautiful poem! Loved it! The circle of Life…Oh, yesss!
    Will check in again later to read more, Rodolfo. I promise!
    (Your comment was impressive and awfully touching indeed!) Thank you very much!
    Please see my “Mother” again and Willoughby when you have a bit of time.
    Hug Granny Kari

  2. Rodolfo D.S. Cabael

    Thanks for visiting my Blog. I”ll visit your Mother again. And I posted this poem on my Facebook. I’m sure people I know would love every single lines of that poem. Thanks again.

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