Mar 15

Where else but in a song!

Today’s “Lolo’s Nirvana – Prompt” for song lovers. … Title: WHERE ELSE BUT IN A SONG! … … … MICHELLE, our heroine, a woman in love, with a green-Spanish eyes, left her heart in San Francisco – where one could see Tony B. by the bay. Leaving on a jet plane after saying goodbye to love, her flight seemed from here to eternity because she was hopelessly devoted to love. It was MISTY APRIL IN PARIS when she landed. And the autumn leaves were softly blowing in the wind. … … … DANNY BOY, our hero, came along – to catch the cloud and pin it down. In other words, to dream the impossible dream; to fight the unbearable sorrow that happened in Monterey a long long time ago when he was seventeen. Born in New Orleans at the house the call – House of the rising sun – left for Monterey when he was ten. All by himself, left for Chicago – Frank S.’s hometown at seventeen to get away from Candida, his first love. It wasn’t an affair to remember but more like an act of – fools rush in. He was one of many poor boy who received an amazing grace turning rags to riches. For a well deserve vacation, he chose April in Paris over Vacation in Las Vegas. … With arms wide open, he welcomed the whole new world offered by the city. Walking on the bridge over troubled water had no reason at all. It was like a day in the life of a fool, such as he, for allowing the stormy weather in his life to get under his skin. HONESTY involved, felt certain it was over. .. … … AT THE FOOT OF THE BRIDGE was a street of sorrow – the boulevard of broken dreams. Suddenly, a beautiful figure appeared hidden by the heavy rain like Van Gogh’s perhaps love, where shadows of the hills covers the trees and daffodils. … … … MICHELLE & DANNY BOY, both a stranger in paradise met. … … … ABRACADABRA – it was a fascination for both. Danny Boy who was carrying an umbrella said, “Hello! I know it’s not me you’re looking for, but share my umbrella for raindrops keep falling on your head.” … Michelle, who was crying in the rain hesitated. But her thoughts played on – this could be Humprey B.’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship. She accepted the offer and said,”Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much! Thank you!” … … … “Come!” said Danny. “Come closer to me and put your head on my shoulder or you’re gonna get really wet.” He noticed the teardrops falling from Michelle’s eyes were like tiny bubbles in the like of silver moon. With lovely tenderness he kissed her, and she kissed him back. … OOH LA LA – that was Dean M’s AMORE at first sight. They couldn’t help falling in love. … … … “I don’t want to wait for the next teardrops to fall. And, I don’t want to sleep alone tonight,” said Michelle. Danny Boy answered,”The bed in my Yacht has one pillow. We could share the pillow that I slept on, and … … … They lived happily ever after, for where else but in a song.